Laser Vision Correction

Fether Intralase

Laser refractive procedures are one of the newest and most exciting developments in eye care available to most people who wear glasses or contacts.  Imagine being able to perform most or all of your activities of daily life without the burden of glasses or contacts.  Imagine waking up and seeing your alarm clock without fumbling for your glasses, or finding your way to your kids room in the middle of the night, without walking into furniture.  Water sports such as scuba-diving, water-skiing, and swimming could be in perfect focus.

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Utilizing the most advanced equipment in the country, Drs. Khater and Bradley are Lubbock’s most experienced fellowship trained specialist laser refractive surgeons.  (Drs. Khater and Bradley have completed one-year of fellowship training in cornea, external disease, and refractive surgery.)  While most Doctors doing this procedure have taken weekend training courses, Drs. Khater and Bradley are Lubbock’s ONLY specialist laser refractive surgeon.Additionally, you may want to watch our LASIK Videos, coverage of LASIK procedures performed by Dr. Khater and broadcast to Lubbock area television viewers.Dr. Khater utilizes the most advanced equipment in the country, available at The Laser Eye Center of Lubbock.  Dr. Khater uses the VISX Star S4 ActiveTrak Laser with CustomVue and Iris Registration and the Intralase Blade-free laser microkeratome.  Both devices are the best in their class, providing the safest, most effective, and quickest results available in the world of laser vision correction.Payment Plans are available, and at West Texas Eye Associates , we offer a free, no obligation consultation to see if laser refractive surgery is right for you.

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Mike Smith, former Texas Tech Red Raider, and linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, had LASIK vision correction performed by Dr. Tim Khater.  

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