Dr. Zuhair M. Shihab


Dr. Shihab is a fellowship trained Glaucoma specialist. Specialist in glaucoma.
Dr. Zuhair M. Shihab


Zuhair M. Shihab, M. D., P.A.

 DATE OF BIRTH:                          October 3, 1947


EDUCATION:                                 B.S.-1970  American University of Beirut, Lebanon

MEDICAL EDUCATION:            M.D.-1974 American University of Beirut, Lebanon

RESIDENCY:                                  Ophthalmology-1974-June 1977 American University of Beirut, Lebanon

FELLOWSHIP:                               Glaucoma-1977-June 1979 Albany Medical Center Affiliated Hospitals Albany, New York

CERTIFICATE:                              Health Organization Management  Texas Tech, School of Business Administration-1992


AND APPOINTMENTS:               


July 1979-1982                                 Assistant Professor

Department of Ophthalmology

Albany Medical Center

Albany, New York


Attending Ophthalmologist

Veteran’s Administration Hospital

Albany, New York

January 1983-November 1986                   Associate Professor

Director of Glaucoma

Texas Tech University

Health Sciences Center

Department of Ophthalmology

Lubbock, Texas


Consultant Ophthalmologist

Veteran’s Administration Hospital

Big Spring, Texas


May 1986-June 1987                        Director, Continuing Medical Education

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


June 1987-Present                                      Private Practice-Glaucoma

Clinical Professor

Texas Tech University

Health Sciences Center

Department of Ophthalmology

Lubbock, Texas


BOARD CERTIFICATION:          American Board of Ophthalmology

October 1978


SOCIETY AFFILIATIONS:           American Academy of Ophthalmology



Texas Medical Association

American Glaucoma Society


HONORS AND AWARDS:            WHO Organization, Medical Training

Award (1969-1974)


Visiting Professor:  King Saud University

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (July 1985)


Faculty Award-Joint Commission of Allied

Health Personnel in Ophthalmology


Consultant to the Minister of Health

Yemen Arab Republic (1999-2001)


Excellence in Teaching Award (2013-2014)

Department of Ophthalmology

Texas Tech University

Health Sciences Center

School of Medicine



(past and present)                            ORBIS-Flying Eye Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq,



Volunteer Ophthalmology Trips to Yemen.

Clinical, surgical and teaching


Prevent Blindness-Lubbock, Texas

Advisory Board-Medical Advisor (past)


Faculty-Joint Commission of Allied

Health Personnel in Ophthalmology

(JCAHPO) (past)


Ophthalmology Section Head, Covenant

Medical Center, Lubbock Texas (2001-



Meals on Wheels

Zuhair M. Shihab, M. D.




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Zuhair M. Shihab, M.D.



(Posters and Papers)


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Procedure for Neo-

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the Intraocular Pressure

and Outflow in Rabbits


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retinal Arteries in Open-          Ophthalmology

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Nerve Fiber Layer


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Vascular Response to



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as a cause of miosis

and anisocoria

Zuhair M. Shihab, M. D.


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